Robotics Application

Hey Everyone! I’m currently applying to my schools competitive Vex Robotics team. Would anyone be able to look over my application? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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If you have any comments/suggestions, please comment it on the google doc. I appreciate it!

Looking at the questions - I would apply to another club.

None of the questions would allow me to truly understand what you bring to the club that already exist within the club.

My response is meant to stimulate thinking.

Specifically to your document - lots of words in long paragraphs - break it up a bit, and include sketches to illustrate your responses to the questions.

Best wishes on your journey!


I see, thank you for your insight! I appreciate it.

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is this application made for people who don’t know about vex?

if so, seems to me like the questions were sort of invented on a whim, and don’t really measure anything substantial. (generally, I’m against the idea of test applications for something like this, I think it’s a shoddy way to measure a person).


Agreed. I do think apps like this encourage new people to start thinking about strategies prior to the start of the club’s build season. On the other hand, this can also be done by just starting a notebook when the new game is launched, which is what most teams do.

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The warning signs for me are that the questions are focused on this year’s game, and almost seem to be looking for Engineering Notebook entries. Or, they’re fishing for ideas for the current game, or may prefer responses that align to their pre-conceived answers.

IMO a legit org would ask generalized robotics questions - What are the pros and cons of common drive train types? (Yes, responses like this could go in an EN). How would you, as an individual, decide which drive train to use for a particular game? How would you collaborate with your team to decide which drive train to use, especially if there are different opinions.

Good luck with to the OP with how you proceed.


this seems the most likely, and it’s typically what you see in these flawed question-answer type applications.

Besides, a student new to robotics should not be expected to know that sort of thing, they’ll be able to come to their own conclusions after experiencing robotics, not before. It’s silly to only let people in who have experience because how are new people meant to gain experience if not from joining?

The right sort of things to look for if selectivity is needed are things like worth ethic, motivation, dedication, and curiosity. Not some arbitrary opinions about specific vex components.


This 10000%

The OP has already put forth more effort answering these questions than the person who came up with the questions. If the OP is not “selected”, it may be a blessing in disguise.


@Firerobot1008 don’t let our bashing of your team’s application methods discourage you from trying to join though, you’re obviously very motivated and I’m sure you’d make a great roboteer. And perhaps if they let you in, you can do something about their awful application process.


Thank you, I really appreciate it . At this point, I just want to get on the team as Its been a while since I’ve had an in-person robotics experience and it is actually an ec that I am passionate aboout, so thank you!

If you have any comments for my app, please comment on the google doc I sent above.

Thanks again!


Left a few comments. Only really skimmed it though. Like these comments are saying you’ll be fine and if you’re not, it’s probably a blessing in disguise.