Robotics At Rangitoto 2901 are staying at the Crowne Plaza

Hi all,

Just to start a thread about who is staying where.

RoboticsAtRangitoto 2901 will be staying at the Crowne Plaza. Come over and say hi. :slight_smile:

GC/EC in the Aloft - would be nice to know which teams will be staying with us :slight_smile:

Exothermic Robotics will be in the Aloft. We have 54 people going.

I believe most of the Super Sonic Sparks #24 team members will be staying at the hyatt.

I’m going to be at the Hyatt.


Looks like #2903 (Palmy Steel/Iron/Tungsten) are going to be staying at the Crowne too :slight_smile:

BRILLIANT!! I’ve always wanted to meet you guys!!
54?! :open_mouth: we have 8 including our mentor >.>

just found out today that we will be there too!! :smiley:
hope to make LOTS of new friends :slight_smile:


I have just confirmed that PTD will be at the crown as well!!!

You can get your chain early and we can arrange that LAN after, after party!

Freaking awesome,

P.S. Nice sig!

Twisted Botz will be at the Crowne Plaza also.