Robotics Game Design

I made an animation dealing with robotics. Myself as well as my teammate Michael Riewer put in countless hours of effort to finish this. If we get the most amount of votes for our animation our robotics program gets $750 in part and a $150 Amazon gift card. Your vote means a lot to me. Voting ends: 01-25-2013 12:00 PM.

Here’s the link:

Michael Berna

Slightly confused…
How did you submit your entry (3:39pm) after the deadline (2:00pm)?:confused:

Also, you don’t need to do a massive vexforum advertising campaign to get votes- if your animation is good enough to win, the votes will come naturally.
Anyway, the winners aren’t decided by votes, the votes only help to select finalists.

Time zone differences. ;););):wink:

Anyway, no big deal if people feel like advertising their entry a bit. This forum has several thousand threads.:slight_smile:

He means when the guy posts 3 threads saying the same thing for advertisement it is quite annoying.

No, I don’t think its time zone differences, because from here in the UK, it said that submissions close at 8:00pm, and I was on the website at that time and saw the “Enter Challenge” button become greyed out at that time, with Stockpile Sabotage not being there.

In the U.S. the deadline was at 12:00 AM (middle of the night). I believe we posted sometime around 2:00 in the day.