Hello everyone…

I found a great place to get fully sublimated robotics tshirts for the competitions for a cheap price. After searching the net for a tshirt company that would put our sponsors logos on the shirt in full color, I found they got me roughly fifty tshirts for around $11 including shipping with unlimited color. Just submit a free quote letting them know you are a robotics team, and they should give you the same discount I received. The tshirts really do set your team apart! Honestly the best place to get a team tshirt done!

50 shirts for $11 each correct?

Yea, it was $12 each for custom design… or $11 each if you had your own design already… and $10 each if you let them put Allegheny Apparel on the sleeve. Unlimited colors, really nice dry fit shirt.

Wow, thank you for letting us know!

Sure no problem… the fully sublimated shirts you’ll get from will top any vinyl t-shirt you had in the past. We got them for the best robotics competition and VRC… they’ll take care of your team or organization!

The ads are getting more sophisticated

No ads…just helping out… I can’t stomach to see anymore vinyl t-shirts.


Thanks for letting us know!

These are dry fit only, correct (I assume that is required for sublimation)?

I ask because one of the reason I make our kids use cotton is ESD.

How’d you come across these?

He is likely the founder of the company, or related.

I get my t-shirts from a local company that I have been working with for over 20 years and I get screen printed t-shirts, two color printing front and back for no more than $11 per shirt. I get great service, they do all of their printing and embroidery( for Judge’s polos) in-house. I can typically get shirts ordered and delivered in less than two weeks.

This is no discount. They list 51-100 shirts costing 10.99…

Allegheny Apparel is listed on your shirts as one of your sponsors. This seems suspicious.

You’ve bumped an old thread.

It seems much less suspicious if you read his post:

Emphasis mine.