Robotics Poem

Hello guys,

after the Worlds I was here in Brazil wondering about someway of showing how much I love robotics and then I tried to make a poem, take a look and give opinions:
Robotics Competition

You can’t go and just play

You’ve got to get there and say

We’re here to win!

To show what you’ve never seen!

‘Cause we’ve got dreams

Different from most part of teens

Robotics ain’t just about fooling around

It’s all about listing the sound

The sound of truth

The truth behind the youth

Join me!

It’s all about being free!

Free to feel the best sensation of reward

Of winning the chairman’s award!**

That’s a great poem! I also saw a team who changed the lyrics of I’m On A Boat and wrote about robotics. I’ll see if I can find them and get the lyrics.

Neat poem! I hope you don’t mind my asking if English is your first language (since you’re from Brazil).

Hehe, No, my first language is Portuguese but I simply love English ^^

That’s why I have the dream of going to the USA to the Vex Robotics World Championship or even to the FIRST Nationals, because I’m going to fulfill to of my passion desires: Robotics! and English!

'Cause I’ve never spoken with an American

Well If by any chance I make another poem I’ll post again ^^

I build robots all day,
I have nothing more to say.
Poetry is simple and bliss,
the gears click, pneumatics hiss.

My machine is waiting for the match to start,
my pounding heart, it will not stop.
Poetry is really not my thing,
the match starts, the bell rings.

Five hundred lines of code execute at once,
all in a small jump.
At once my robot shines,
just like this poem, nothing but lines.

Two minutes later, the match is done.
It is over, we have won.

“A Match”
By: Cody Smith

Robotics, truly a wonderful thing

Get your parts ready, can’t wait to think

Ding! The lightbulb in my head just became bright yellow

Sing! There’s no need to be mellow

Because working with a team is always great

No need for hate, walk through the champion gate!

Make sure you get your gear ratios right

Gearing one to 75 will only lead to your spite

Coaches, I didn’t forget about you

Without communication, what would I do?

However, make sure you plug in all the cables

Or else you’ll be the clown in our robotics fable

Very impressive! I have studied a second language, and I could never write poetry in it.

Since this thread is becoming a poetry collection, here’s one from last year (a song, actually).

Warrior robot
Battles hard for tech glory
Retires in the Spring

I knew this was coming