Robotics Programming Books

Hello, first let me start off with this; I am not have a career in programming like some of you do out there and I am a Freshman in highschool, but I have some programming knowledge in BASIC and C#, but not nearly enough. I am reading books on C# programming, but I really want to learn how to program robots. There seems to be not a lot of good books out there for robotics programming. So I figured that one of you programmers out there could help me find out where I can get some. Thank You so much!

I would recommend going to your local library, and looking in the 005 section (computer programming) for books on C.
Ex: Learn C in 24 days, The C Programming Language and C for Dummies

Basically, C (not C++) is what a lot of embedded systems use. After you have a decent handle on C, you should experiment with MPLAB and Vex to create a basic bot. Move to more advanced stuff as your knowledge grows.

When you feel that you know enough C that the language is no longer the limiting factor in your programming, you should try to find books on specific things you want to do/learn.
Ex: Path-finding with limited environmental data, Vex-PC interfacing, etc.

There’s a site called Learn C in 24 Hours. It has certain steps you learn each hour it’s pretty cool, but i’m too lazy to do it. Plus I don’t have X-code on my computer.

By the way, do any of you know what core animation is? (i know what it is i’m wondering if you know)

These are some of the books that I have read and highly recommend that have plenty of robot programming examples and robot behavior algorithms in C or Basic:

[1] Jones, Joseph, L., “Mobil Robots - Inspiration to Implementation”, AK Peters, Limited.

[2] Martin, Fred, G., “Robotic Explorations: A hands-On Introduction to Engineering”, Prentice Hall, Inc., 2001

[3] Predko, Myke , “Programming Robot Controllers”, McGraw-Hill, 2003

[4] Lunt, Karl, “BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT !”, A K Peters, Limited

[5] McComb, Gordon, “Robot Builder’s Bonanza, Second Edition”, McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group,

[6] H. R. Everett, “Sensors for Mobile Robots: Theory and Application”, AK Peters, Ltd., Natick, MA 1995