Robotics Projects

Hi all,

I am sure most of us have the teams to engage in some non-VRC related robotics projects.

Thought it will be meaningful to have a thread to compile some of the side Vex-related projects.
And who knows, maybe we can use of the ideas shared here for our own trainings or classroom projects to engage the students.

So please feel free to add in any Vex-related projects that your teams have been doing so far.

To kick start…

Some of my students was involved in a robotics challenge recently. The task was to simply build a machine to solve the Hanoi Tower problem. It was an autonomous challenge - purely by programming.

The students spent about 3 days to get the machine up (including programming).

Pardon the poor quality of build… and that bag of nuts they used to add weight. lol…

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I’d love to see some plans for a combination IQ shaft sorter/standoff sorter. Another great project would be a screw-length sorter. One day I’ll get some time to design and build these, but for now, my boss expects me to work my real job!

I’d be out of a job on my team if someone made one of those!

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