Robotics Quotes

I’m trying to write an essay on vex robotics, do you guys have any funny or good quotes about robotics?

“Dont use nylocks”

I have a couple knee jerkers.

“Why use 4 motors on a drive when you can use 2?”
“Standard wheels are better than omni wheels.”
“There’s no point in learning unless you win. Oh, wait. Did I mess that up?”
“Claws are better than side rollers.”

“Do better.”

“There is no such thing as building a robot: only rebuilding… and rebuilding… and rebuilding…”

“Our autonomous should work, in theory.”


“In theory theory and practice are the same; in practice they are not.”


My favorite line

I think you mean "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. " - Yogi Berra


Ah, yes. I forgot the exact wording.

“We can high hang in autonomous … 100% for sure guaranteed.”
“What does your robot do in autonomous?” “…we drive forward.”
“What does your robot do in autonomous?” “We will raise our lift, open our claw, and drive forward. In some order.”
“What does your robot do in autonomous?” “Frankly, I haven’t the faintest idea.”

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“Our autonomous will theoretically work.”
“Zipties > Screws > Nylocks”
“Guys our steel robot can hang. You’ll see.”

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“Claws are the key,”
“trust me our autonomous totally works,”
" we can totally clear the field, without our robot dying…"

“Competition template? What’s a competition template?”

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“driving practice, puhh, i don’t need that” one the first scrimmage of this season
“trust me we can do the auto on the day.”

“It has to work”
“If it doesn’t fit, make it fit”
“It worked last night… I mean this morning at 2”
“The robot isn’t finished till 30 seconds before your final match at works”
“It it’s not on video, it never happened”
“You do know that’s CA not locktite?”
“Sleep is for the weak”
“But I didn’t change anything!”
“Where’s the (fill in the blank)?” “Over there (points to a pile of parts)”.
" I have a brilliant idea! That wouldn’t work… But it’d be so cool… Still wouldn’t work "
“Did you use the new washers of the old ones?”

Just the few i remember off the bat.


“Our autonmous works every time”

“You realize your lift is attached to your robot by 3 zipties, right?” “Yes, and?”
“It’s 3 in the morning. Let’s just finish the robot in the van tomorrow morning.”

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“keep it simple, stupid”
“Lets just write the autonomous on the bus on the way there”
“It will work I swear”
Those were as a team

These were from reffing
“What’s a vexnet key”
“which part is the cortex again?”
“What is this cord for? (Competition plug off the tower)”
“Why isnt this connecting up?”
“what are those black things? (bearings)”

One of the worst ones was when a team stripped the wires from two motors and tried to splice them together then put it into one motor controller… I told them that it was illegal electronic modification and they said
“no its not, its mechanical”
“Is it receiving power from the cortex?”
“Then it is electronic modification”
This wasnt a rookie team either…

“If it’s not the best, make it the best.”
pushes robot off the table “Stress testing!”
“Don’t worry about it.”