Robotics Room Layout

Hello, my name is Liam and I am on team 6526D. I am enrolled in the Engineering Design & Development course, part of the PLTW curriculum. In this course we are tasked with solving a problem that a significant number of people are facing, My group and I felt that one such problem is the work space that robotics teams, specifically VEX EDR teams face. Most teams, according to a survey we sent out, feel that their space is outdated and inadequate for modern standards. We would like to ask you for pictures of your current space so that we can identify problems to address as we brainstorm solutions. Also, we would like to know if your current robotics room was converted from a classroom/older work space or if your room was specifically built to be a robotics work space. Thank you for your time.

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Maybe make a poll to get better results.

  • They should make a poll
  • They should just wait to get results without a poll

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If your teacher is a member of the VEX World Coaches Association on Facebook, ask him/her to post the question to the the Facebook group. The VWCA is a whole bunch of mentors/teachers/coaches etc. who discuss how to run robotics programs (as compared to students, who discuss how to build robots).

We already made a survey, if you read our post you would’ve seen that. What we are asking for are pictures of current robotics work areas.

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Our current shop…

sorry no recent pictures as the place gets nutty with competition/event gear not stowed in the right places. We have 12 classroom robot - will be 24 by end of year, six competition robots, eight used for enrichment programs, and six showcase robots on display (those that went to worlds…). it is a lot of gear small space.


ok I do have semi-recent pictures:

IMG_0340 IMG_0341


Keep it coming! I love your space!


Here is our very cramped robotic lab layout. It houses 2 VRC teams and 3 VIQ teams. We try to get teams to meet on different days but some times they are all there. Luckily I’m now removed from coaching so no direct dealings with arguments over space. I don’t know how the teams are going to handle a 76x99 VIQ field next season.

The room dimension are roughly 18ft by 36ft.
And for those that don’t know, the company for which I work sponsors these teams and created this room when they converted some back office storage into conference rooms. It was very nice of them but the teams really could use 4 or 5 extra feet in the short dimension.


We don’t even have an entire room for VEX :frowning:
We sit on tables when programming and build the bot on the game field


We have an empty classroom that isn’t used as our robotics room. Try and ask your school if you can set up in a room that is not being used. Just don’t make a mess of it :slight_smile: