Robotics Teacher just got VEX Robots and needs direction

I am a teacher at a middle school. I have been using the Lego EV-3 robots for robotics 1 ( a 1-semester class). I have also been using the Arduino boards for Robotics 2, also a 1-semester class.

Today I received a shipment from the District office for 24 super kits and 4 cube kits, with no other documentation or notice. I haven’t even opened them yet, this is my plan block.

I have a simple question, Where do I start?
I am looking for any special instructions that I should be aware of before unboxing them, and, I would really like, a Middle School Curriculum.


Here are some helpful links:

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If I were you I would take your students through the design process. Give them a task and make them design a robot for that. Then teach them to program the robot via Vexcode, or any other software. If you want to go all out you could use the competition game as their task, this is probably going to be easier on the students though because their are several designs already on the internet. However, if you are going to use the current game as their task, you are going to need to buy the field for it. I think it is worth it though.

Another important question you need to ask yourself is will you be competing in competitions. If the answer is yes I would recommend having your students build crunch bots to get familiar with vex parts.

Is this an after school activity or is it a class?

It’s iq, so not the crunch bot, but one of the iq hero bots would work too.

It is to be used in a class. I haven’t decided if it is going to be in Robotics 1, replacing the EV-3. Or if it will be used in Robotics 2, supplementing the Arduino.

I just printed out the curriculum guide that was linked to above and I will look at that. It is true, if they had asked me, I would have asked for more EV-3’s and Arduino accessories, like arms and mobile chassis. However, these will not go unused.

I found out who placed the order, I will talk to her to find out what the reasoning was.

At a quick glance, the competitions look interesting too. will look for more information about them.


IQ Build Instructions - Hero Bots

Both you and your students will learn a great deal by using the Hero Bot builds. They provide piece-by-piece instructions, similar to Lego kits, and it is a good way to familiarize with the IQ patterns and principles.

As students become comfortable they can start to create their own designs. Add competitions into the mix and you will end up with a motivated crew that closely represents those on this forum.

Enjoy the journey.

2 Likes - designed specifically to address this question for all VEX products - a great resources for a new teacher looking how to get up and running using STEM Labs and other resources.