Robotics Tournament Spin Up Playlist

VRC Roboters and Event Partners,

I’m putting together a playlist to play during any down time at a tournament I’m hosting soon. What songs do I have to have on that Playlist? Keep it clean. No innuendos, drug or alcohol references, etc. Rob Smith always brings it at our local Kalahari Tournament. I’m just trying to keep up. Reply with your song picks.


As an EP - if you are planning to stream event, make sure you have play rights to any audio / visual or expect automated software in the cloud to do take down of stream, archive, or mask all audio from stream.


Guess you’ll have to drop all the pop songs and just loop this for the entirety of the tournament.


I’ll have my finger on the mute button.

No church in the wild- album version Kanye
I wish by Skee-lo

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we feed the wireless mics to the stream, and have second output go to PA system which has music (when we remember)… Wiress mics are highly directional and usually do not pick up background music. So that might work better than mute button :slight_smile:

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BEST SONGS COOLDUDE128210 - playlist by Dab | Spotify Here are some songs that are clean and also please mind the mickey mouse songs, I did it for the memes three years ago.
Here is my unclean songs playlist with some clean songs
TayTayMadeTheBeat - playlist by Dab | Spotify

Mr Roboto by The Styx.
It doesn’t fit into most popular genres, and is all around a strange song, but man is it satisfying to listen to(imo) and appropriate for what we do.


honestly if i was running a tournament and i had the say on what would be playing during the tournament id probably have intelligent dnb or all of kaytranada’s Discography

I feel fine -The Ghost Club
Leather Jacket- Arkells
Two Moons- Boywithuke
Therapy- Conro
Shy Away- twenty one pilots
Saturday- twenty one pilots
Stutter- Marianas Trench

P sure they’re all clean :+1:

edit: I Am Machine- Three Days Grace might not fit the genre but it’s pretty fitting for robotics lol

I can’t believe nobody has said this.

Really Guys? Should've been suggestion 1



We have a really hacky strategy for this. All our audio goes through a mixer, and then gets output to both the speakers in the venue, and to the audio input of the streaming computer. Our solution was to have two music input channels, one copyrighted, one stream-safe. The copyrighted music channel only plays on the left audio channel, which goes to the venue speakers, and the stream-safe music plays on the right channel, which goes to the stream. Having music on the stream makes it way nicer for viewers, and helps mask any music leaking through mics.


Our setup is similar, but we use two mixers, one for the venue, and one for the stream. A little Yamaha MG-series mixer works well for live stream (with it’s USB input/output) and we mix a separate audio for the live stream which includes some microphones on the field to add “robot sounds” to the stream (along with the royalty-free looping tracks we play to mask the venue music).

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heat waves - glass animals
great song

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Here’s the playlist that we use for all of our tournaments. I get input from my students every year on what to add and regularly remove songs as we get tired of them. I’m always looking to add to it so I’ll be checking out the other suggestions in this thread as well.
Spotify VEX Playlist

Spin Up specific:

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Spinning Wheel