Robotics Turning point competition

I am having a hard time thinking about how I can get the ball on to the linear puncher. Because I already have an intake and a linear pubcher. I need some ideas.

Just do a quick search on youtube and you’ll probably find many examples on how other teams have done so

I’ve seen teams use all sorts of feed mechanisms from belts and rollers to claws, so it really isnt that hard to find a solution

For a linear puncher think of a pinball machine (if people still play with pinball machines anymore…). When the plunger it out, it holds the balls back. When you pull the plunger back, it allows one ball the roll in front of the plunger. That is probably the easiest intake for a puncher because it takes no additional motors.

I’ve got a pretty cool passive indexer between my intake and the shooter, although it takes up quite a bit of space.