Robotics World Cup

For those in the know, the Vex Robotics World Cup was held over the last few days here in New Zealand. It has been a busy few days of full on competition and a bit of a roller coaster ride at times, but a great and exciting event showcasing Vex Robotics.

We would like to give a few shout outs on behalf of our team.

  1. To the victors - congratulations; it was a hard fought final and you are worthy winners.

  2. Palmerston North Boys High School - a huge thank you for your help, support and battery loan. We simply couldn’t have done it without you.

  3. Avondale and Aura - for your fantastic advice, friendship and great sportsmanship - you guys rock!

  4. Our pit crew for a wonderful job keeping everything running smoothly. What a brilliant crew, thank you.

  5. Our crowd supporters and friends - thank you, thank you, thank you. We really appreciated your cheers and motivation.

  6. The event organisers, visiting teams from Mexico and US guests, Paul Copioli and Jason Morrella. It was fabulous to have you all over and we appreciate your time and effort in making it over here. Can’t wait to see how you are going to apply our Kiwi Ingenuity to the rules… :wink:

  7. To all the competitors, thank you for making it such a fun, exciting and challenging competition. Thank you for the comradeship and sportsmanship. Congratulations not only to all the winners but to everyone who took part.

  8. Last, but absolutely not least, a MASSIVE thank you to our amazing alliance partners from Lynfield College. You were just the best in every respect. Thank you.

We look forward to our next scrimmage meet. Until then, thanks again and all the best

George and Terry,
Team 2921 A,
2nd place 2011 Robotics World Cup, New Zealand.

Do you have (or know of) any videos from this event; it sounds like the level of play really advanced at this event.

We were waiting for an official post, but this is close enough =P
Well done to the winners, 720p and 2921B, who only dropped one game in the entire tournament (to the finalists, 2921A and 2915A). Good job finalists for pushing it to a tiebreaker! Great job from everyone who competed as well, it was a tough competition with a really really high standard of competition.

Thanks again to Kiwibots, their sponsors, and all the volunteers for making the event so awesome.

And if you weren’t at the competition and wanted to see what happened… Well stuff has actually been online for a couple of days now, so maybe if you were lucky you would have found it already :stuck_out_tongue:

And the one that you’d probably be more interested in…
Official Kiwibots Flickr Stream
[Kiwibots | Flickr

We’ll be uploading photos and videos as well over the next couple of days once we collate them. We’ll also be doing a full writeup/reveal on the three robots that we built and used, which are high school legal.](Kiwibots | Flickr)

We couldn’t have asked for a better alliance ourselves, thanks guys :slight_smile: unfortunately we didnt quite nail it in finals (probably because we were wearing shoes :P), it really could have gone either way though :slight_smile: Thanks for the dedication before and after the competition :slight_smile: (even though some parts of both of our robots were uhh… controversial…)

Congrats to 720p and 2921B for the awesome effort! The finals games were truly AMAZING!

Too true. I think the end of that third finals game was the loudest I’ve yelled in a LONG TIME, and I was only watching it. Amazing competition. Good Game to all the teams we played (especially Onehunga/Kristin, those were awesome matches, too bad your chain kept breaking =( ). Thanks to Kiwibots for organising and running the whole thing.

Congratulations to 720p and 2921b, you guys deserved that win.

I got to meet and talk to a lot of really nice and cool people, so thanks to everyone.

Too bad my vexnet key had to wait till playoffs to die =(. I need to buy me some replacements and spares XD

Will see you all again whenever we next make it up to Auckland for a scrimmage =)

Ok see ya then! And you guys did SO well!! :slight_smile: You were a real threat to us and we were really nervous when we were against you in a match.

At least we had the hats… :stuck_out_tongue: But you are right, we shouldn’t have been wearing shoes. Thanks again for the alliance!! :slight_smile:

Agreed, the hats were certainly great, brought the seriousness down a bit and helped us to enjoy it more :slight_smile: will you have them for your alliance at nationals? :smiley:

(for those of you who werent there… IMG_6004 | Kiwibots | Flickr)

Back on topic, i would also like to thank the Mexican teams who came over! It was great to have another country there :slight_smile:


Back on topic, i would also like to thank the Mexican teams who came over! It was great to have another country there :slight_smile:

They should show up with a different funny hat for every tournament XD

It was so hillarious watching you guys drive with a really serious expression on your face while wearing a stupid hat XD

We were also laughing at Max’s facial expressions, or rather lack thereof while he was driving. Reminded me of this:
I think his mouth might’ve twitched when he won XD

Yeah, it was great having the Mexican teams there, as it gave it a more “international” feel. It was also really cool to see the Mexican teams improve so much throughout the course of the competition. I hope they enjoyed themselves =)

(I seem to have an odd tendency to end every paragraph/sentence with a smiley…)

EDIT: YES! I just realised there was a good picture of our robots rageface up on there =):

Good luck in this!

Just been strolling around youtube and found that aura has some videos up now if you were interested…

Just watching the finals makes me nervous all over again…

Yeah, I saw those too. Now I’m wondering how many 720p clones there will be at worlds XD

Ssssssshhhhhhhh… it’s still a secret. Oh wait it’s on vex forums now, never mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to those who are watching - we know that there were numerous rules violations. The use of warnings and DQs was fairly applied across the tournament.

It was great to finally be able to play you guys and lynfield in a serious competition! I really wish I could have been there to play in our final game against you guys. Good luck to you guys at worlds!


Thanks! It was great playing you guys too! You have some insanely good robots! :slight_smile: Good luck to you guys too at worlds!

  • George

Good luck to you ALL!

Robotics is awesome!

You do know the competition has already been right…? or am i missing something here?

Watched the finals matches. The speed of the game is insane. Wondering if the metagame will continue to be high speed, high scoring by worlds. In the one of the finals matches, 11 objects were scored in autonomous on 4 goals and the gates were up by the 13 second mark. Defense seemed to be negligible and the goals were almost all filled up by the 45 second mark. The remainder of the match was jockeying for the top objects.

Your right, the game is very fast over here, but also very tough. (Also very exciting)

Just out of interest, what rule violations were there? I don’t want to get DQ’d in any of my games at nationals.

Various, gate lifting late or not at all, ramming, pinning, tipping, cough cough negator in wrong robot cough cough, just general common sense things really