Vex Robotics

What kids think I do:

What my friends think I do:

What I think I do:

What I really do:

Epic win here.

+1 :slight_smile:
so true :slight_smile:
now all you need is a nerd reference in there :wink:

Wow! That is SO true!

When I tell people I am involved with robotics, kids ask me if I build robots like Bumblebee, or Optimus Prime :smiley:

A lot of adults think I build the “destroyer robots”!

Nice post :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I really like the robot with the spinning metal piece. I have seen it in action before! It is epic.
You all should check out videos of those things fighting. It is pretty sweet :smiley:

Lol my friends give me ideas of making a fire breathing robot with an umbrella so that the fire will trigger the fire alarm, which activates the sprinklers and disables all the other robots. LOLOL but the circular saw robot is one of their ideas as well.

You mean this?

um wtf? Yes this was exactly their idea lolololol

Yeah. Whenever somebody finds out that I build robots, the next question is always if they destroy each other.

And hmmm, for a nerd reference… this is what comes to my mind:

Wow. Just saw that movie yesterday!

I am going to make a documentary on that some day.

I going to bed! Have church in the morning!

Good night all :smiley:

Thats true. I forgot that its back out in theaters now.

And yeah so do I. I should probably go to bed soon myself… :rolleyes:

What most adults think i do:

what my parents think I am going to do:

sorry, I just had to add these.

YES… our mentor is always afraid that we will burn something since we share the robotics room with the chemistry room.

on a related note:

I think I will unplug my vex stuff tonight. it usually is stored under or near my bed :eek:

Yes, this is spot on :slight_smile:

“So, what do you like to do for fun?”
“Me? Oh I like to help build and program robots.”
“Oh yeah, I’ve seen that on TV! Battlebots, or something right? Where they all destroy each other?”
“… No.”

I have to go through that like almost everyday…

Well, once you get to college, you have access to the resources to do more cool stuff. Not that VEX isn’t cool of course.

We’re planning to make a second VEX team, but all of the oldest kids on our Lego Robotics teams (typical 6th graders) are quitting instead of moving up because they want a battle-bots team. No matter how many times we tried, running our competition robot over MSU’s squarebots at the demonstration did not entice them.

“Are those robots?”


“Can they fight?”


walks away

A regular occurrence.