RobotMesh block-based pseudo pid or ramping control

First, please watch video #1 then STOP and consider how YOU would code this project.

Then, watch video #2 and compare.

Post questions and we will try and get you answers.

Video #1: theory

Video #2: implementation


Hello @turbodog! both videos are private.

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I’m seeing views on video2 (howto) without views on video1 (theory). That’s not the intention here… to simply hand the code out. So, I’m pulling video2 down.

The idea is to watch #1 and think how you would accomplish the goal.

perhaps it would have been a better idea to make a single video with no clear boundary with the theory and implementation sections

Would have been too long… not enough storage on phone that was doing the video. Almost had to split into 3 parts.

What the code does allows you to:

  1. do auton move commands using only 2 lines of code… no more 10 lines to start each motor, wait, and then stop each one.

  2. start at a speed of 20 (your choice), speed up to maximum over 3/4 of a second, maintain full speed, then slow down over 3/4 second, and stop. All of this happens smoothly, with no wobble or jerking.

  3. and it’s all using robotmesh blockly code. no python/c/etc required.

  1. if there is not room to reach max speed it goes as fast as it can, then slows down smoothly, then stops.