RobotMesh Blocky vs VEXCode IQ

We are new to the VEX IQ world, and in the process of choosing a programming language and platform. My team consists of 6th graders and we are newbies. As a first language, we are thinking of Blocky or VEXCode IQ. Has anyone pick one over the other? And why? Thanks.

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Both are excellent. Have a play and see what you prefer.
The auto-detect devices feature on RobotMesh is excellent and something that VEXcode lacks. The instant recognition that students have of Scratch for VEXcode makes it easy to get them started. As it stands, RobotMesh Blockly allows easy transition to Python (see the Python being generated as you code in Blockly) which VEXcode doesn’t have an equivalent for. But the super-simple joystick configuration of VEXcode is great.
Try them both and see what works for you.


And both work with V5… Can’t go wrong either way. The auto detect from RMS along with the mimic features are really cool.


Our students are very comfortable with Scratch, they use Scratch in class throughout the year. The fact that VEXCode is Scratch based has allowed the students to build on their own class experience.

Also the VEX STEM Labs uses VEXCode IQ Blocks in all the programming challenges. This has given us a good place for students to extend their understanding on their own and at their own pace.

Every kid at our school has a Chromebook and the native Chromebook support in VEXCode IQ Blocks has been really good.

The students have been really happy with VEXCode and they’ve been able to work independently without a lot of unnecessary adult intervention. It’s been a great choice for us.