RobotMesh Python Icon

Hey all!
After making the switch from RMS Blockly to Python, everything’s going great except for one small (and relatively insignificant) issue. I’m just curious as to why it happens and if there’s any fix.
When I download my code and view the Programs on the brain, the program icon shows up as a large white question mark. Does anyone know why this happens or a solution. It hasn’t affected anything but is sort of irritating to me. :man_shrugging:

I’m just going to add @John_TYler

I was playing around with this last week. From what I was seeing, it looks like projects aren’t identifying their project type properly to the Brain if they’re started with the competition templates (except for Blockly). Fixing it was added to the to-do list.

You should be able to get an icon if you change the project type while copying the project from “[language] project with competition template” to “[language] project”. Changing the project type between competition template/non-template while copying will not change your code.

Alright, sounds good! I’ll do that then. :grin: