RobotMesh Stack Size Error and Other questions


I am doing a college internship and as a project for the summer, we have to design and program a robot to complete a challenge. I come from FRC so I know about path planning and robot design, I just had a couple of questions regarding RobotMesh. We are using VexIQ. I was planning on using robotC but the limitations C in that environment really deter me.

First, is there a way to use multiple python files in the same project?
Second, it seems like the website sign up might be broken, when I click submit it comes up with more info but when I fill it out, it doesnt let me submit again.
Third, I am getting a stack size error when trying to run my program. It works fine if I take out the vex stuff and use another python interpreter. Is there a way to fix that?


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Not at the moment, and I don’t think that’s planned for IQ. Managing multiple files is out of scope of our target IQ audience.

Yep, looks like a recent (last week) update broke it. Thanks for the bug report! I’m going to get on this one immediately. [edit: now fixed]

I’d have to see the program. It’s entirely possible to run out the stack on an IQ robot. They don’t have much memory, and we use a lot of it for our Python VM.

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Alright, thanks for the help!

Our challenge requires our robot to be fully autonmous with pathing and object detection. What would you recommend as an alternative? I have implemented a pure pursuit algorithm in python but maybe it will run in C. The problem is that the field is not avalible to us until we actually demo our robot. So the ability to quickly change paths is key for us.

I still have no idea how resource hungry your implementation is, so I can’t really say how to fit it on an IQ brain.

Also, account creation is up again. We got a little too zealous in ripping out old code.

Here is the program if you were curious!

Well the first thing I see is using packages that don’t exist on our IQ distribution. I can’t get the stack size error you were talking about as this doesn’t compile.

I’m assuming you have a version that does compile somewhere. In that one, you can print out the results of sys.heap() to see if you’re running out of RAM. Of the 12k total RAM, we leave about 10.5k for the user program to use. It’s entirely possible the data model that you’ve built is just going to overflow an IQ brain’s RAM regardless of how you program it.

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