RobotMesh vs. VCS

Hey Vex Forum,
With more teams getting V5 (#Seriouslyyoucansendourv5NOW) I couldn’t find a thread that focused on the differences between RobotMesh and Vex Coding Studio and which is better. I wanted to try and get everyone’s opinion on that and maybe why you think that.

  • RobotMesh is better than VCS
  • VCS is better than RobotMesh
  • RobotMesh and VCS are about equal

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Feel free to write a reply in addition to voting in the poll.
(Personally I think Vex should make sure everyone has V5 before they start updating the forum.:grin:)

I defer you to this post:

VCS is basically unusable (technically it’s barely usable). It lacks features that are standard even in Notepad.
On the other hand, Robot Mesh Studio has been updated multiple times since the launch of V5 and now even has a CLI tool that allows you to integrate RMS with any IDE of your choosing.


Can you add a “anything is better than VCS” option?


VCS works for me and my team just fine

I havent even used anything else and I can agree. UGH!