I haven’t seen anyone talking on the forums about robotmesh lately, only vexcode. Is robotmesh good for coding, or is vexcode better?

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It really depends. RMS is, without a doubt, much easier to manage for a medium-large robotics class. RMS also has additional language options (Python, JS) that VEXcode does not. The C++ APIs of both are quite similar. RMS is, without a doubt, more cross-platform than VEXcode (currently at least), but RMS also requires an internet connection on anything but Windows.

Basically, unless you would be a good candidate for something more advanced like PROS, you can’t go too wrong with either RMS or VEXcode.

(Also, much of the RMS talk you remember seeing was primarily due to the mass recommendations to avoid VCS. VEXcode, being mildly competent software, has not stirred up such a situation.)


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