Robots Acting Autonomously in Teamwork & Driver Skills

A couple of our teams have created ~15 second autonomous programs that are activated by a push of a button on the controller. They use these in Teamwork and Driver Skills (also the same programs are run by the push of a bumper switch on the robot for Programming Skills).

At a recent event my team was questioned as to the legality of doing this.

The questioner pointed to the Game Manual rule R10 c. which says: “The only legal method of driving the robot during Teamwork and Robot Skills Matches is the
VEX IQ Controller” and stated that this rule meant that the robot must always be under control by the controller, no autonomous allow except for in programming skills.

This same question was asked on 7/24/2014 and the answer was: “This is legal and encouraged”

Can you please re-answer the question for Crossover. And, may I suggest; the addition of this clarification to each season’s Game Manual.

This is legal. You are controlling the robot by pushing a button on your VEX IQ Controller, which is exactly what R10c requires.