Robots at Worlds!

Do u think a nonhoolnomic dumper that is a standard drive train that is very fast will do good at Worlds?

It’ll really depend on what robots you’ll be going against, aka luck. You’ve probably heard this years’ robots compared to rock-paper-scissors. You’ll probably do well against a catapult (blocking difficulty), but a fast holonomic robot with a basket/cage/shovel/wall-esque mechanism would pose difficulties when you dump.

Regardless, wish you luck! 2 days left, and our robot’s still undergoing some minor repairs and autonomous reprogramming. Robot skills are right up there with the top tier teams though (120+) :cool:

I’ve seen one score 131 points in driver skills… but nah… they couldn’t possibly do well at worlds, could they?

you know I remember a bot that won Pan-Pacific with a non-holonomic drive… Cheesy Poofs? yeah those guys, they didn’t need a holonomic to make their bot awesome (the tank drive probably made their bot better since it freed up space in the center of their bot). You may find that maybe a non non-holonomic was advantageous for a dumper than a holonomic… (I hope thats not the case b/c we have a holonomic bot, but there is always a possibility that it is!)