Robots For BR-BR-RU on May 29th

Wanted to start this thread for those who want to document the robots for the event tomorrow. Ours is a heavily borrowed design and I wanted to make sure we noted our sources.

Team 81 leveraged their robot from clean sweep. The team had build a 4 bar linkage which was copied from the dominating design of team 677 who crushed us with it all year. We faced them with it a worlds (Where they crushed us again :slight_smile: ) but they were great sports about it. They gave the team some tips on how to improve the design while we waited to play.

The team wanted to try to keep the linkage for Round Up, at least for this event.

Having only one build night to decide what was going pick up the tubes they found this CAD posted by TheOtherGuy on the forum and took a shot at building it. It worked out well.

Here our some videos of our first test. See you tomorrow!


We decided to try something different for this event due to the ridiculously short time we had to build our robot xD

I also look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow…

Team #84

For our robot we used an old one (modified from 2008 Elevation) for this years game. When it was built for Elevation it was in no way copied off of another team or inspired by another. If there is another out there like it, there is no connection.

nice design
esp with the short time frame you got
are you comfortable in posting specs?
(or you can after the competition)
here are some questions:

how many tubes can it hold?
how many high strength motors are you using? (and where)
how fast is it?
how heavy is it?


and how does the huge stretch of chain hold?
my team and i thought they might snap off too often

Sadly it looks like this competition won’t be showing us the strength or weaknesses of low or high hanging, or anything other than ring scoring. Should be cool nonetheless, just a little less educational :slight_smile:

81 can hold 5 tubes and score the wall or the movable goals. The team decided to not focus on hanging or “descoring” for this event. I have heard word that there will be robots coming that can hang.

Our team does mind posting what we did. In fact the event coordinator encouraged it. We took designs from other teams and added. I hope someone builds on ours. It would be the highest complement. And if someone wants to copy it nut for nut, I hope they have has much fun building it as my team did. :slight_smile:

It should be a great time.

Posted a picture of our robot in the gallery. We are using the design that proved successful in Quad Quandary. Use a 2 link arm to hold tube collector. This gives more flexibility in getting tubes in odd spots. The tube collector holds 4 tubes, we think since we only have 2 to test with. We have alignment pieces to center tubes in our robot. The tube collector stays vertical automatically as arm moves up and down. We toggle the auto poition to just below horizontal to score on both goals. We can also toggle of auto mode to give operator full contol of tube collector. We have a winch on the bot(not in the picture) Still need to figure out a hook and delivery system. Direct drive with encoders to help with autonomos. We have on mode that works in theory. See everyone tomorrow.

Perhaps the strength of defensive play might be illuminated (or discouraged, depending on how it plays out).

I’m hyped! Looks like this will be a considerably competitive tournament, which is awesome this time of year! :smiley:

At the competition one of the teams from Downingtown, (82) was able to be low-hanging after a little while of practice and with adjustments it is possible to maybe climb all the way.

It just does. We used a similar design for Quad Quandary and the intake chains (when used properly) did not snap once in testing or competition.