article on World Championships

I just ran across this article on It describes some of the activites of the past world championships.

Hey a few people from PiraTech made it in there, cool! is awesome ! They are actually based out of Dallas, TX in partnership with the DPRG

If anyone else has seen any national news articles about the VEX championship, please post them ! I am always discouraged by the # of gruesome articles compared to the # of awesome articles on the news.

Dallas Morning News :
TMCnet :
Wired :

Team 1000’s Dallas trip is featured here:, and while you’re at it you should check out their [spiffy] website:

Unrelated fact: Foothill is my local public school, so I would be on 1000 if I didn’t go to Bellarmine (254).

Here’s a New Zealand article from our major daily newspaper.
Hopefuly it won’t start any flame wars.:wink:

It won’t. Hometown papers are supposed to write like that. The little sportsmanship dig at 418’s alliance wasn’t warranted, though.

418 isn’t an American high school team, by the way. Exothermic Robotics is an Explorer Post – a community club open to any student of the right age in the area. Most of our students come from one of six different schools, but about 25% of our members are home-schooled. Our youngest member is 13 and the oldest 18. 575’s driver just turned 14, and his team asked the tournament organizers if he could stand on a box during matches. They said “no” for safety reasons.

Thanks for the advertising, John. We need all the publicity we can get right now :D. (We’re attempting to try FRC this year) We actually just got our own domain at (But its the same website).

Thanks for getting our name out there, John. Publicity is generally a good thing :D.

On a side note, Team 1000 now has a new website at