robox bags...

So… I see the new bags for robox… $300 sale… Anyone know if there is any better options with the same features for less, this seems a bit much…

Dank… Those things are the definition of beauty. It’s a little pricey though =/

I know right. I’m crying inside and trying to cough up the money for the benefit of my team.

It’s a 5 in 1 transportation.

Some plywood and an hour of work. $30-$50 later you will have a box that will last for years. We built one 3 1/2 years ago for traveling to Worlds and it has survived 3 trips to Worlds. Two of which were round trip flights and the other in the cargo hold of a charter bus. We also use it for all of our local competitions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to make a nice box.

That being said, if we were rich I would probably buy one of those bags.

What does this mean?

It is pretty cool, but i still think for another 100 dollars, the Pelican 20in^3 box case is a better buy. My honest opinion… But the charger/ Organization capabilities are pretty cool though…

Robot holder, joystick holder, robot battery holder, joystick batteries, and the case has wheels making it a suitcase as well.

Still quite like the aluminium boxes most NZ teams use. Chuck some padding in and you can store your Robot, Joystick batteries or small parts collection and a laptop without too much fuss. Although I do have to admit those are pretty cool.

Agreed. For teams with enough funding, Pelicans are the way to go.
For teams with less funds available, build your own box.
As cool as the Robox is, I wouldn’t trust it if I were to travel to worlds.

How are these Robox boxes constructed? Is there a wood frame inside all that padding? I would be worried the sides would rip/tear easily on flights, in trailers, or in any type of cargo hold.

In the scroll of the pictures. it shows that it has a metal undercarriage frame that seams to only protect up a few inches from the bottom. So maybe not the best for hard collisions, but it does seem stable enough to hold a robot if the robot is positioned properly.

This^. 1575 Has 8 wooden boxes with packing foam (for protection) that we have used for the past 5 years to go to worlds. We even get to decorate them. Don’t spend a whole lot of money on something you will only use a few times.

We figured our big plywood box cost us a ton in drayage and shipping costs from the weight of the box itself. Thank goodness we can drive to Louisville and can fill the car up without too much of an issue.

Double layering a 24x24x24 box with a 20x20x20 box inside for the robot with the surrounding space packed with bubble wrap is really cheap. Downside is forklifts can puncture boxes. :frowning:

Fits on a shipping palette nicely too.

We use a homemade robot box for worlds. It also carries pump and computer etc.


Then we also pull around our rolling toolbox.
The pneumatic tires are really nice.

We are supposed to build a plywood 18^3 one this weekend, but I am concerned because our robot is nearly the exactly 18x18x18 limit. and our handles are on the sides so we would get “bloody” knuckles.

@Cyber brains
Did someone forget to buy the plates at an extra cost at that event and resort to a label maker? :slight_smile:

Nice cart!

Hey there! So we actually have tested this on flights a few times and have been pleased. The walls of the bag are reinforced abs plastic, otherwise very strong. We also have a foam pad that inserts in with the bag to give it some cushioning. There is also the metal frame that holds it in place even better. To top it off inside there are robot anchors to bungee your robot in and keep it secure. That thing is not moving.

You may find you would want to add extra padding inside for extra safety, but is not necessary. We understand you guys put a lot of money into these robots and we didn’t spare any expense in building these bags.

We actually have had it tested on flights and it did well. We have since that time gone with even stronger materials to insure safety of your robots. There are also anchor robot ties to bungee your robot into place. We understand that some teams like the idea of a Pelican case better, we just wanted to bring another option into the mix. Also, the Robox Bag fits airplane requirements so no extra charges.

We like it, it just seems a little expensive for a lot of us. especially our school with multiple teams and robots