Roller auton is not working. I can't find the issue, no matter how I try

Hello! I have a minor issue. No matter how I try, this error persists.
The velocity goes low, motor goes slow, and ineffective. The code in question?

if anybody would like to help, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

For the spin line, its just forward or reverse. No extra. If you want more then use spinFor and use Forward and rotations or seconds. You can also look at the code directory on the left of vexCode to see exactly what I mean. Try this out, let us know.

Hope this helps!

spin can take multiple parameters, not just direction. But it is sort of pointless using setVelocity followed by spin with a velocity. As I’ve said in other topics (linky), use of setVelocity when coding with C++ IMHO is not a good practice, just causes confusion and lots of extra lines of code.