Roller help

we need some more compression on our intake, and cannot seem to figure out how to get it. Here are pics.
Thanks for all the help in advance

The intake seems to be partly blocked in most of these pictures. If you upload a few close ones I can give you some advice.

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I can’t see the intake

Ok, here are better pics hopefully

Might be able to send a vid…

Sorry for poor image quality, and one of the pics is with it folded up. That is all I could get, as I am not in the lab again until December 16th


If I were you, I would go for bigger flaps on the front sprocket, and use red motors. Then I would check the rubber band configuration to make sure that the rubber bands pull the intakes closer together right. Perhaps adjust the spacing with the rubber band standoffs. Also, experiment with adding/taking off rubber bands.

Here are some more tips.
1: Switch out your c-channel diagonal support on the outside of the DR4B for standoffs and axle locks, with two-sided screws.
2: Wire management
3: Design swappable intakes, perhaps a traditional intake may work better than a China intake.

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Thank you!
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Don’t cantilever axles
Put some C channel on the bottom and that will stop them from moving around which may also help

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What does cantilevering mean?

It means one side of the axle is supported by C Channel. Cantilevering screw joints is OK but with axles it gets wobbly and moves around a bunch.

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And it twists, grinds against your bearings, and put strain the motor trying to turn a twisted shaft.