Roller intake without flaps

My team is attending a competition in a week and have finished building, but we’re missing a key final part in our simple tray, which is the flaps that go on the tank tread on the roller intake. Is there an alternative we can use which has the same effect as the flaps or should we sit this one out and wait for the parts order to arrive after the competition?

You might be able to try rubber bands on the tank treads, or you could ask to borrow some from another team


You can use the intake rollers, which are included in the super kit if you have it:

These are not as easy to mount, or use for towers, but they get the job done, many teams with DR4Bs use it.


your best bet is probably to reach out to nearby teams and ask to use a few flaps. many teams at the actual event are likely to have brought spare flaps as well.


At my school all the flaps we have are already on other teams’ robots, and we can’t practice our driving or test auton without them. The teams that do have them don’t have any extra. As for elastics, we’ve tried them, but they were prone to falling off and didn’t give us enough compression.

you’re totally fine without flaps as long as you have the high friction treads (grey ones with rubber on top)
also could you send a picture of your intake?