Roller Intakes

So I was looking at some reveals from last year and had a question. I saw that 169 shaved the teeth on the sprockets of their roller intakes.Does anybody know why?

929U also did it

My guess is that it was probably for looks, since I dont really see an advantage to shaving them

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It was most likely done to prevent ball jamming. By keeping the teeth the balls have a possibility to get caught in them and prevent the balls from going up the intake. Shaving them off makes it smooth and greatly reduces that ability


929U shaved the teeth of the sprocket so they could intake balls even if they were contacting the sprocket, Iā€™m assuming 169 did the same.

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The top sprocket was shaved because of space, the teeth would have hit the bar above the intake if they were not shaved. On 169ā€™s robot I believe that they were shaved so they could intake while the robot was pressed against the wall.

Also, they look very nice.


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