Roller spatula

We’ve built a roller spatula for our current robot. It has a lexan bottom with tank tread rollers on top. We’re finding that often when it drives into sacks to pick them up, rather than the spatula sliding under them as it should, it either goes over them or pushes them. We were thinking maybe moving the rollers forward might aid this, but any other suggestions?

Considering your spatula is flat to the ground, putting the rollers further in front of the spatula could help. I’ve seen some very good robots do something like this. How is your spatula attached? This might also have to do with your spatula not being flat enough or low enough to the ground. Maybe make sure the lexan is not attached above anything and be careful with screw and nuts sliding on the ground.

The only thing below the lexan is some screwheads, but our arm angles the lexan down ever so slightly. We will move the rollers forward first thing tomorrow as that was our initial reaction