Rookie Question - What comes preloaded on V5 brain?

What comes preloaded on the Vex V5 brain. I got my a new classroom kit and have successfully built the clawbot. I thought I was going to have to learn how to code, but to my surprise, when I turned on my brain and paired controller, etc. I could actually drive the robot. Clearly there is a program already pre-built and loaded in the brain. How do I copy that code to Vex Blocks so I can study how it has been pre-programmed? Likely a simple question, but I cant seem to figure out how to transfer code from the brain to the development environment - all tutorials tell me how to download from the development environment to the brain.

Thanks in advance for any tips

You can’t. But, the tutorials included with V5 blocks cover writing drive code similar to the program that comes built-in to the brain.


You can go to and look at programming tutorials and the tank drive is the same code as the pre-installed drive code

Built in drive does quite a bit more than the tank drive example, in addition to either tank or arcade control using motors on ports 1, 2, 9 and 10, it allows 6 other motors to be controlled using other buttons on the controller as well as limit switches for the motors on ports 3, 8, 13 and 18. If a partner controller is connected it can also control an additional 10 motors.

There is currently no example that implements this using the C++ API that VEXcode uses, perhaps we can add that in a future release.


Well the built in drive code is just the code for the clawbot is it not

You can use it with a clawbot, but it can also control something with a lot more motors than that. It’s similar to the default code that was available on the cortex, but extended to allow controlling up to 20 motors. Motor configuration is done through one of the brain screens and there is a choice of four different control modes for the drive.

My point is that the code is a lot more complex than the tank drive example that comes with VEXcode.


Ah I see thanks for letting me know!

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