Root Access On VEX V5?

I had a quick question. I personally own a vex brain, and I’ve retired said brain from robotics, I thought it’d be fun to get a little more use out of it so I came here to you guys with a quick question. Is there any way I can gain Root privileges on the VEX brain so I can control its internal files from my computer? Like overall control, its drivers and view its internal code. If there’s any way, would you mind guiding me or pointing me in the right direction?


No official way as far as I know, but you can use the PROS CLI to look at the file structure (use command pros v5 ls-files). Other than that, I’m afraid it’s a pretty closed-down system, and it would take a lot of work to be able to get and modify the files on the V5’s flash.


Thanks you very much!! Lastly, is there any way I can download them?

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Not that I’m aware of, but if you are familiar with python, you could have a look at the source code and modify it to be able to download the files. The source can be obtained from the github repo. Good luck!