Rope and pulley arm with claw and crawler base.

As promised here is a working video of the bot in motion…

Having a hard time with my video editor… there is no sound… sorry. but didn’t want to delay posting the full thing any longer. if you have any questions about it let me know i will try to answer them in a timely manner. now on to learning this easy c stuff… * pours more liquid smoke in the left ear *( hehe i was running out of smoke) for the next bot… shich well not sure how to explain it other than a 6x6 dump truck


Thats a very interesting bot. It looks very sturdy and reliable. One thing to try if you have the resources is to create something along the lines of this

where the bottom can move independently of the top.

hehe yes that already is the case watch the other video full 360 un restricted motion.

it used 2 M.C.'s. one for drive and one for claw.