I hope this is the correct discussion group…I’m a new user. Can you use rope for VEX IQ Squared Away, part # 228-2500-436 20x pitch rope ? I can’t find that part number on their site to purchase. Could we use a similar rope if they don’t sell it anymore? Thank you.

The group you put this in is for Judging questions, the correct place to put this (I think) this would be the Vex IQ general discussion category, or ask this in the official Q&A here.

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Here is a thread that answers your question: Can you use String in VIQC

As for substitute similar string…not, it would not fall under R7 of the game manual: IQ does not have the allowance for 1/8" braided nylon cord like VRC does.

And yes, this thread needs to be moved out of Judging Q&A and into the IQ general discussion. And no, don’t ask on the official Q&A, the rules are crystal clear on this one.


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