Rotated Controls

Greetings, I have an issue with one of the VEX mobile robots, but unfortunately I can’t quote the model. The best description I can give at the moment is that it has 3 tracks for movement and the one in the front pivots up and down. I know it’s not the most informative description but it’s what I was able to grasp at first glance. Anyway, the problem is that the controls on the radio control unit are rotated by -45 degrees from the actual movement of the robot. For example to move it forward I need to push the thumbstick up and left diagonally, and to make it rotate clockwise I just push the stick upwards. Since its a piece of my university’s laboratory equipment, I can’t even guess how many people have modified it and in what ways. My thoughts are that it’s some software setting or ratio. I don’t know what software is (was) used to program it so I can’t fiddle with that to try and find the issue. It might be a function that’s useful for other applications and is done on purpose. And if it is a mechanical problem I think it would be easy to notice - grinding of gears, scraping sounds or visual deformation would be possible signs. But I’ve played with it for about 15 minutes and didn’t notice anything wrong with the mechanics. It might also be the radio controller. Anyway, I’d be grateful if anyone has some input on the matter, ideas and suggestions are also quite welcome. And I’m sorry if this topic has been covered in another post, I couldn’t find anything related in the forum. Have a great day/night!


Is this one of the standard robots listed on this page, or is it a custom creation?

Custom robots have infinite possibilities, so you may need a custom user-created program on your Robot Brain to drive your robot the way you wish. Computer applications like ROBOTC and Modkit for VEX can be used to create and download custom user programs to the Robot Brain. These custom programs can have features like customized Controller->Robot Brain motor mapping and autonomous behavior.


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