Rotating Camera Help

I rebuilt my vexplorer and designed it so the camera is on the arm. I want to make the camera have the ablity to pan but i dont have any idea how to do it. If anyone has any ideas please post them. Thanks!:slight_smile:

I used a Lazy Susan to make the Vexplorer’s arm and camera pan 0 to 360 degrees Azimuth. You can see a photo of it on the Vex Gallery.

I actually did that with the lazy susan before and i ripped it apart because it was very unstable. I was thinking of using a chain and get it to pan the only problem is I don’t have the chain set yet and I am short on cash right now. I will probally doodle in class on how to build it and try something… Thanks again for the advice:)

I used three Vex gears to stabilize the platform and it worked very well for me. I could smoothly pan the entire platform while the Vexplorer was moving and use the arm to pick up small objects in other rooms while I watched from my television set. I also converted the Vexplorer to use the Vex Controller in order to make it programmable using Easy C.

Proper alignment of the vertical rod with the gears is critical for smooth motion.

When I built mine I was using gears only to raise it above the motor because there was no room on the bottom and that made mine very top heavy and I also was using the tank treads at the time. I will eventually figure it out one day and just go crazy in class with everyone staring at me with a confused look on their faces.

I feel that way a lot of times.

As long as it works… They can “fault” your Methods, but they can not “fault” your Results.


If you are using the programmable control then you can use a servo for the pan/tilt if you want. They have enough torque to move and hold the vex camera in place and they are pretty precise.

If you are going to use a motor then gear it to like 10rpm or less to give a nice smooth motion, I would go with around 5 rpm. It might be a bit slow but it will allow nice smooth motion to look at something carefully through the camera.

I am using only the vexplorer kit (that is all i have):frowning: and I have the camera on the front of the arm right where the claw goes nomally. I was thinking of wsing a chain driven motor to give it nice control and to slow down the rpms of the motor. Thanks for the advice!

I placed three Vex gears inside the Vexplorer’s body using the smaller of the three and attached it to one of the two wire Vexplorer motors, making sure that the largest gear was centered directly beneath the Lazy Susan as shown in this photo:

I have built many tilt/pan platforms using all types of motors and found that the stepper motors recycled from dot matrix printers and plotters and planetary gear DC motors worked best to point a video camera such as the wireless Vexplorer camera.

My Gilbert IV Explorer is a Vex based model that used two surplus HD DC motors with Quadrature Optical Encoders, timing belt, large metal sprocket and a RadioShack Night Hawk III camera that I mounted on the tilt/pan platform on as shown here:

Well I finally did it! I got the camera to turn how I wanted to and I am so pleased with the results. Here are the pictures:D:

nice nice. it looks really simple which is a plus. looks good! how has it been working for ya? it looks like it would work well.

It being simple means it doesn’t use many parts and if something messes up on it I know what is wrong. It works great for just driving around with the camera and looking aroung corners. I freaked my brother out who knew I was working on it by just popping out behind a corner with it. There is a slight problem with the shaft collers coming a little loose but that isn’t much of a problem right now.
Now to order more parts and a protobot kit to learn to program and I will be set! :slight_smile:

The Basic Protobot Kit does not have the Programmable Vex Controller. You would need to add that, plus the Programming Kit with EasyC or ROBOTC…

BTW, I love your “Signature”…
““Unicycling and Vex have two things in common. They both take some skill to do and can make you go crazy from your failures.””


From MarkO:
BTW, I love your “Signature”…
““Unicycling and Vex have two things in common. They both take some skill to do and can make you go crazy from your failures.””

I was trying to think of a werid signature and I had read some post on the definition of Vex and I just thought of similarities of Vex and unicycling which I LOVE TO DO!! Both need skill of course that you have to learn to be effective in it

I am writing this on my PDA which doesn’t have the bracket to make something a quote which I accidentally deleted :frowning: