Rotating discs

Hi! so basically my team is “suffering” beacuse the discs keep on rotating in the collecting area and we were quiestioning if there is a simple sulotion/ a good alternative to a tower to keep the discs in while we move/ride. Also im sorry if my english isnt good cuz it isnt my native language. Ty in advance

Hi, to keep the discs stable while driving you should make sure that there is little room for them to wiggle around. The discs rotating in place shouldn’t cause any problems. Do you mind sending a photo or video of the problem so we can better help you?

This also caused us similar problems, which is why we switched to double flywheel before rebuilding. When we shot the disk always went in but immediately spun out…

The double flywheel spins in opposite directions which basically plops the disco into the high goal much softer in my experience.

Oh I misunderstood your question, sorry. Yes, a double flywheel will help with keeping discs from bouncing out of the goal. But double flywheels have twice the amount of friction as single flywheels so I personally don’t like them but they are definitely still viable. The idea is to have the discs enter the high goal with as little energy as possible. We just use a button on our controller that sets our single flywheel to a lower rpm. We tuned this value using our normal shooting positions.

Ok ty all very much.

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