Rotating Hinges

Anyone have any idea how to make a rotating hinge for a robot’s grabbing arm? Yes I do know I’m not up to date in technical jargon. Can you please help me out anyway? :):):):slight_smile:

You need to be much more specific in what you want to do. What are the specifications of the arm? What do you want the arm to do? How powerful does it need to be? The more information that you give, the more help that you will get.

I want the arm to be able to grab multiple (2, 3?) barrels or balls, heft it shall we say, and drop it onto the lifting mechanism. All I need to know is how to build a hinge that opens, closes, and rotates. And I have no clue how to do it.

I am confused as to what you mean by hinge. Do you mean a claw? If so, you can look at the Vexplorer claw, and look around in the gallery for a multitude of examples. Then it is just the matter of mounting in on a spinning base. I’m sure that a look around in the gallery would be way more informative than someone attempting to explain it in the forums.

Thanks! And, sorry. My team and I looked at the Vexplorer and came up with a different concept to make our robot work. Construction is moving along now. Thanks again :slight_smile:

But if anyone DOES come up with a rotating hinge, I would LOVE to know. :smiley:

Vex already makes a hinge. You can mount the hinge to an axle lock, and spin the axle.
There you go, a rotating hinge, that meets your description, but not likely your intent.

do you by any chance mean these?

The link to the product is awesome!

your welcome haha

I was also thinking the same concept as a human ball and socket joint combined with an elbow-type joint for a robot to provide free range of motion. Any other ideas?

You might want to check out this video:
It’s completely impractical for competition of course, but technically what you asked for :smiley:

That is an AWESOME BOT! So funny… So NOT professional. Oh well :smiley:

I just love your enthusiasm, I never knew links could be awesome :slight_smile: Don’t take offense, just having fun.

You can make a universal joint (bends in both directions), but it’s hard to power them. Collars can also be used to make nice joints and odd (or changing) angles.

Some links are AWESOME when they go to AWESOME things…

It’s completely impractical for competition of course, but technically what you asked for :smiley:

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Yes I did know that! Thanks!