Rotating Six Bar?

Hi! I was playing around with some lift designs for Starstruck and ultimately want to end up with a reverse dumper. As of now, we have a standard parallel-bar 6-bar. How would we go about modify it to rotate for a reverse dump instead of going straight up? Would there be any advantage to using a rotating six bar over a normal 2 arm lift?

My team was running into the same problem. I think that you should a 2 arm lift instead because there are not many reliable ways to get make a reverse dump with a 6 bar lift. If you are going to use the 6 bar, though, you can try to put your intake on the c-channel above the parallel bar with an extra bar to get the intake to the ground.

You can mount the intake on the top bar rather than the final vertical bar.
Team 182C did that as shown in this video.

Sorry @RoboCrazy101
I hadn’t seen your response when I posted mine.

It’s definitely possible to make that happen. If you mount the top member of the bar further up than parallel, the 6 bar will tilt.