Rotation Sensor value jumps then stays the same

I am printing out the value of a rotation sensor in the code below. In the first iteration, it displays the value as 0, and then jumps to some value in the thousands, staying at that value as long as the robot is not moved. rotation_sensor3 is the variable representing the rotation sensory that I am calling. This entire thing is run in initialize.

When it prints to the console, it prints a value of 0, and then a value in the high thousands and stays at that value. Can somebody help?

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Does it do that when looked at through the devices menu on the brain screen? Iā€™m assuming this is the most recent rotation sensor, not a 3 wire.

when looked at in the PROS console. On the brain screen the 0 quickly disappears and the number in the high thousands is printed before you can notice because of the while loop that had it print 0 but ran within miliseconds to then print the high number