We want to create a 360 rotation for a claw to allow us to pick up cones that have been knocked over. Please give us suggestions or alternate ideas. Thanks!

It’s definitely going to be faster and more efficient to right the cones and then pick them up quickly from upright. First, most cones will be upright anyway, so this mechanism would be fast at taking care of that. Second, highly opposable arms are slow, challenging to drive, and require multiple motors. For all of these reasons, having an intake mechanism that rotates is going to be a bad option in my opinion, and in the example of all previous games.

That is a great idea! I haven’t even thought about any kind of intake. Thanks for your help!

No problem! The biggest mistake I see teams, especially newer ones, make is that they overcomplicate things that should be simple.

@Zenzizenzizenzic My team has already made a claw that can rotate and pick up cones from any orientation both upright and knocked over. Our claw can not only rotate but it can pitch up and down. The full range of motion is accomplished using only 2 motors. Oh and its pretty quick :wink: If your interested I’ll post pics whenever we get it re-assembled.

I agree with you, and I also feel like people are worrying too much about cones being knocked over. Similar to the fear of horde bots last year in SS (just an example).

I fiddled with this idea and came to the conclusion that it’s too heavy

Wow! That looks like a great design! Can it pick up mobile goals?

No, He will use a separate lifter to carry mobile goals. This is strictly for cones.

For 360 rotation you can always use the turntable bearing kit that vex sales. One prototype that we have built uses this with a turbo motor.