Round Robin Finals

Anybody have a think to watch?

I was surprised that the Math division didn’t win, as they were so dominant early on in the round robin. It looked like one of the blue robots stopped working in the matches against Engineering. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Anyways, great job to teams 3560z, 21, and 2915c! Way to represent an international alliance!

Yes, in all 3 matches we played against Engineering we had drive train issues.
RR match: 8000a’s chain popped
Final 1: 8000a’s chain popped
Final 2: 2941a’s drive stalled
Those were some very exciting matches! Congrats to 21, 2915c and 3560z!

I was extremely disappointed that 44, 2158M, and 40A didn’t make it to the round robin as I feel they could have beaten any of the Round robin teams, except Math who barely beat them in division finals because of a strategic advantage from autonomous and bad luck. It seemed to me as though because of specific autonomous they wouldn’t have had that disadvantage with auton, and I think that the strategy used by Engineering of blocking the stash would not have worked on 44’s two speed transmission and driving which I have never seen meet any resistance from defenders.

In my opinion, the Math Finalists (44, 2158M, and 40A), Math Champions, and Engineering Champions were rock, paper, and scissors respectively.

Hey John,

Unfortunately, in both matches we played against Engineering, our chain snapped when we got hit by the 2915c robot. I haven’t seen the replay yet, but I think it had something to do with their scoop catching the chain on the underside of our chassis. We had a 1:2 speed drive and our motors did not feed directly into the wheels, so we were disabled for the rest of the match. Regardless, I was impressed with how well our partners, 2587z, performed in a 2 vs 1 situation, and they kept all of the matches extremely close.

~Eric from 8000A

Honestly thought Green Egg had the whole tournament in the bag. Also thought the Math Division was going to win the whole thing. Guess things don’t always go the way you think they will.

This in my mind is the best match of the whole year. Great strategy and counter strategy on both sides even in the autonomous mode with each side trying to block a unique high-scoring routine from their opponents. For tele-op both sides did a great job fighting for the buckyballs knowing when to block and when to score. Disco had the right idea getting between 44 and the cylinder, but the raw power of 44’s two-speed won the stash. With both robots set to hang red had the advantage even passed the auton bonus until Disco de-scored 15pts in the last 10 seconds.

UMm I thought technology had it easy with 323z, 4252a, 2915a, and the Robosavages D, but then the quarter finals. If you didn’t see it look it up. It was however very impressive to watch 323z go 2 on 1. Good job to everybody in that division.