Round Up auto pick up

Hi again,

Here is a video showing automatic pick up with my round up robot. I can drive into rings and they are picked up automatically (also works with stacks)

You may also notice that I am using the joystick’s accelerometer to drive the robot. This is an awesome way to drive!!

Pikey ~ Team aMEss, Massey University, New Zealand

hmm cant rly see the gearing but whats the gearing to the drive?
and are they HS motors?
and if you have time, can you post a vid about the strafe capabilities from a birds eye veiw?
want to see if there is “tilting” since your strafe wheel is at the back
nice job btw!

Thanks for sharing the YouTube video - your auto pick up design looks like it works really well!

My only concern would be that during a competition, some part of another robot might accidently hit the limit switch and trigger the auto pick up. It’s probablly very unlikely that would ever happen though.

BTW, I think being able to use the accelerometer in the VEXnet Joystick to control a robot is really great. I can’t wait to try that when I get mine!

Don’t have my robot here to count the ratio, but it is the smallest high strength chain gear on the wheel and the next size up on the motor. So it is geared for more speed.

Not on the drive, they are high strength on the lift though. I have found they get too hot on the drive and shut down =(

Sorry dude but I have rebuilt the robot since making the video. I am using an ‘H’ design now. When the strafing wheels were are at the back, the robot turned as you strafe, and since I am using the robot for mentoring New Zealand kids I want something that is more intuitive to drive.

Once you get used to the robot it is awesome though. You can use the strafe to turn very fast. Used it for the Worlds and really liked it.

Cheers mate

I have the auto pick up on a toggle button and only use it when the situation calls for it.

Yea dude, it is very intuitive and fun. The big advantage is that it frees up one of your thumbs to use other buttons.

i thought so
my drive is very similar to urs
and i believe the ratio is 2:1
and does the drive only use up 4 motors? (strafe not included)
thumbs up :slight_smile:

Yea the drive uses up 4 motors. I really like the gear ratio, it gives plenty of torque and good speed for a robot that is fairly light.

I use 2 motors to strafe at a 1-1 ratio.

What is the mechanism that picks up the tubes on this robot? My team has been thinking about claws/tank tread ideas, but yours seems to work very well and quick.