Round up autonomous scores

heres a thread for the autonomous’
either the first 20 secs in the game or the 1 min skills challenge
post your scores (practice or official)
or post just ideas for the “perfect” autonomous :slight_smile:

currently we don’t have an autonomous yet :stuck_out_tongue:
but by next week our “goal” is to score 25 points in the 20 secs (1 preload, 1 stack, 3 goals “owned”)

if not, i’d be happy with 20 (1 preload, 1 stack, 2 goals “owned”)

were probably not going to have time for a full 1 min skills auto, but lets see if we can quickly add a script for “hanging” :slight_smile:

what about you?

Skills practice 44, autonomous practice 22 (assuming I can count). That auto score is pushing 20 seconds, though, and we seem to get rammed unusually often.

There aren’t really perfect match autonomouses (autonomi?) because it all depends on what your opponents do, right?