Round Up - How do I mount goal posts to PVC pipe wall

I have built a PVC pipe wall as directed in the PDF file. I cannot figure out how to mount the goal posts for the round up game. The spot to mount them is where a T is on the pipes. Has anyone conquered this challenge yet?

I’m interested in hearing an answer to this question as well. Have you considered posting the question on the General Forum?

Replacing the Tee with a Cross (aka Plus) might be adequate and within the 1" tolerance (but maybe not???) allowed for field equipment.

Gluing a Tee (or a Cross) onto the field wall Tee might be a better approach (replace them with a single Tee fitting after the Roundup season is over).

In my PVC field, I used inexpensive pegboard to create solid walls all the way arounf the field. If you did that you would have a reasonablely sturdy place where you could attach a mounting fixture - perhaps you could just use zip-ties to make the connection into the pegboard.


Field specifications show the goals’ PVC pipes as having a 1.050" outer diameter.

I would say gluing a Tee or Cross onto the wall Tee would be better, as well.