round up robot

any ideas on a robot yet?:slight_smile:

Hey its Christian! Do you remember me?

2 belt conveyor like elevation? Claw robot (hehe)? roller intake? horizontal 2 belt conveyor? vertical 2 belt conveyor?

Has anyone seen blake’s pez dispenser idea for clean sweep? Perhaps translate that to Round Up.

(Reference mechanism gallery for concept)

i think that a pez dispenser would not be the best idea for this game.

yup! i remember you ^^,

i think its going to be claws at first then go to that

My idea for the winning Round Up robot hasn’t even been hinted at on the forums yet. :slight_smile:

A word of advice from someone who’s been stumped by far too many Vex games before. Look beyond the obvious tasks and figure out what gets you the most point swings. Look for stuff that’s very easy to do with very high reward.

Don’t get completely hung up on the first full robot idea that comes to your mind. Just because it was easy to think of doesn’t mean it is the best idea.

Chris your idea has in fact been hinted at just not in an obvious way. I wouldn’t say that it is “easy” but it will set the excellent robots apart from the good robots.


Guess I’ve been out of the loop, whats his idea (or reference his hints)?

I’ve been… Crazy busy and I have a horrible tendency of play Final Fantasy 13 whenever I have free time.


thinking of lite weight high performance robot, using racks…similar to clean sweep

Says you :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve hinted at aspects of possible designs, but my primary strategy is not something I’ve talked much about. Not because I want to / like keeping secrets, but because I want students on teams thinking about this game to do their own analysis first. Once I get some prototypes together and the game has been played sufficiently I’ll let everyone know what I’m doing.