Round Up Unintended Gameplay

dose anyone have a video of this robot actually competing? i remember in the beginning of clean sweep Brad, our local RECF Representative (who we think is a riot) told us to make our robot more “snail like” apparently this is what he meant. Originally we thought it was because there was a very slow push-bot at the competition with a paper snail taped to each side and he was mocking our robots speed (that would have been the first of many times)

I found this just now: (They’re 40B, by the way.)

P.S. Brad is awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the vid!

P.S. your pretty right, he always taunts us like in Manchester we declined a pick and he came up to us after alliance selection was over “now because of your little mistake up there you have the best robot here, but your in the worst possible position, uh don’t screw up and you might have a chance. good luck and remember what do you always do when someone picks you? accept” thanks brad.

No problem!

Haha, yes. Brad is a funny guy… . :stuck_out_tongue:


Question, how many teams tried going up the ladder during the world championship finals. Almost none, because while you were trying to go up, the other team was descoring all your points, also most times another robot was pushing against you, making it almost impossible for teams to go up. In the end a different strategy won, where teams throw the goals under the ladder, making it impossible to descore.

A few slight tweaks would have solved this problem with the bonus objective. But its all a moot point now.

I guess that was the advantage of robots that could dump all the goals under the ladder and then high hang too. That left the 4 wall goals for your opponents to descore/score. The reason the robot I drove didn’t high hang in matches at worlds was because we were terrified of being knocked off the ladder. If there weren’t teams that would push my robot off 20" above ground, I would of happily high hung.


I felt like if our robot could only score it would be just like everyone else’s, so we though long about making a high hanging mechanism. Though it wasn’t the fastest, it was fun to watch, and pretty cool. Looking back at roundup i realized that hanging could have been a big part of the game, it just wasn’t for a lot of teams. It was because of the fact that you would get descored, thats the reason why we only high hung when we new for sure we were going to win. Anyway Roundup was definitely the best vex game. And thanks for the nice comment about our robot, we appreciate it. :slight_smile:

We were 8th seed alliance in our division (math) and it was high hanging which got us through to division finals, in all reality and on paper we shouldnt have got through quarters… but high hanging was a big advantage over the first seed, along with descoring under the ladder (who had a team which hadnt lost a game all competition until elim :O)

Trust me i feel your pain, about getting knocked off the ladder…

Yeah its those types of strategies that upset me. Those and the ones where they would ram you in autonomous which would disable your robot…

Wow… . REX is a local team we compete with. I had no idea they beat out the #1 seed and got through the Finals with you guys! That’s awesome!


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