Round Up Videos

I know last year that it was hard to organize all of the Clean sweep videos, so I made this wiki page for people to post links to videos on. I hope it helps.

Please add your own video links to this page and let me know what you think of it.

Great idea, good work!

I’d like to see more videos posted this year, maybe a wiki will encourage just that.


I’d just like to bump this to ask more people to post their videos here. This is a really great idea, but there hasn’t been much new material up lately. There’s great work going on out there, and we’d love to see it!

I just wanted to continue to let people know about this wiki page (link at the top of the page). It now has 55 Round-Up videos, and more are always being added. I hope that it proves to be a valuable resource. So bookmark the page, because, hopefully,I will not bump this topic again (but others can).

not sure how to add it, but here is one of our which tests
uploaded today

Hey Y’all…

I created a new Wiki Page, Team Competition Videos, and placed a link on it to 2010-2011 Round Up Videos. For historical reasons, if someone wanted to add videos from previous competitions, additional pages can be created and then added to this page.

I also edited the Main Page, and added a link to the Team Competition Videos page in the Team, User, Hobbyist ‘n’ Hacks and Robot Pages section.