Round Up

How many of the high strength motors can an intermediate/highschool team use for Round Up? Shiould a team use a vex power expander if they decide to choose to use the high strength motors? (no, not really, or yes)

The rules for Round Up are online: As to whether you need a power expander for the new motors – it depends on how many motors you have and how hard they are working. It is application-specific.

Thank You but I already have read all the sections and i never found the answer. Could you please tell me the amount of high strength motors a intermediate/highschool team can use.?

<R11> Robots may use up to ten (10) VEX EDR motors or VEX Servos (Any combination, up to ten)
a. Of these ten (10) allowed motors, teams may use a maximum of four (4) “2-Wire Motor 393”
b. 2-Wire Motors must be controlled by a 2-Wire Motor Port, either directly on a VEX
Microcontroller, or on a “VEX Motor Controller 29” module.
c. Teams may NOT use multiple 2-wire Motor Ports, 3-wire PWM Motor Ports, or Motor Controller
29 modules on a single motor.

Thank You so much Mahalo! :smiley:

this is originally posted by smart kid but i believe this is the way to do it.

if you are using the new 2 wire motors and the old v.5 micro controller you should use the power expander. just don’t forget to use the dc 29 converters. If you are using the new cortex micro controller you should be alright with out the power expander, just remember when ordering your parts that the cortex has only 2 of the 2 wire ports.

Thank you so much Mahalo! :smiley: