Rpi4 3.5mm jack audio

Is it possible to get the game audio out of the 3.5mm jack of a Rpi4 while a HDMI device with audio is also connected? I don’t necessarily need output over HDMI, but it wouldn’t hurt to have both. The 3.5mm jack works fine with no display connected, but is disabled when the HDMI display is active.

This is from the event partner section. I use it on all my monitors and works great. I actually don’t know if it also gives audio to the hdmi as they are all on hdmi / dvi adapters and would lose any audio they have. The monitors I use have a separate audio jack.

All credit to @Dave_Flowerday, but I couldn’t link it directly because it’s in the EP section.



Feb '19

I’ve heard this can be common. I don’t have any such monitors myself to test with though.

If you want, you can try to override the Pi’s HDMI audio detection. You have to put the Pi SD card into a PC and then edit the ‘config.txt’ file that is in the folder from the SD card. At the bottom of the file, add this line:


In theory that should cause the Pi to ignore the HDMI audio detection and always use the analog headphone jack output.


Perfect, thanks! No amount of google-fu had turned up that parameter for me.

And let me know if/how it works. I just saw this is for a rpi4 and I’ve only done this with a 3.

You can also use something like this.


On the latest Raspberry Pi image, you should be able to access
http://[pi ip address]/audio
in your browser to control the audio output as well.


Edit: One or both of the solutions worked. Realized the sound mixer wasn’t turned on when I was testing. Thanks for the tips!

Unfortunately neither of those solutions is getting any audio out of the 3.5mm jack. :confused:

Possibly a quirk of the pi4?